Thursday, July 3, 2008

The 2008 Season Begins

We are back in Guzelyalya for a second summer with some familiar and some new faces. Unfortunately, Jeff Rop decided that he could find more productive ways to become a textually oriented Classical historian than tramp through fennel-choked fields. Nevertheless, Amanda and I have returned to Hatay with our knowledge of Turkish more or less intact and our lust for bags full of ancient pottery unsated.

We hope that the posts on Real-Time Archaeology this year will be more informative and more timely. I feel confident in promising an upgrade in content delivery because we are appointing a new blog master, Brandon Olsen, a fellow Mopsos Expedition surveyor who is also a legitimate blogging pro. I will let him tell you about himself later, once Amanda and I can figure out how to get him access.

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Helene Gertz Bradshaw said...

Hi Ben and Amanda!
I'm so glad you have decided to continue your blog. It keeps me up on your archaeological progress and the beautiful sites you picture.
Have a great time!
And keep posting!
Helene Bradshaw