Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Intro ashley style

HELLO BLOGGERS!!! Or blog readers I never know who reads blogs, let alone what the reader wants to be called. You know you can never be too carful with those blogger types. Hey my name is Ashley Singletary, I will be a sophomore archaeological science /African American studies major next fall semester. I am here in turkey for Dr. Killebrew’s landscape archaeology Course as well as Dr. Hritz’s GIS course (for those who don’t know GIS= Geographic Information Systems). The Turkey landscape is amazing too bad I don’t know a lick of Turkish. I know I know before anyone says anything I’m learning little words here and there. Hopefully when I’m home I can continue learning the language, and come back fully charged and ready to rumble. Now that all of that introduction/small talk stuff is out of the way let’s talk about surveying. It’s not bad I could do without the waking up at 4 o’clock though. But being out in the field, looking through the sites, I feel like such a dork for saying this but hey I love it. The people here on the survey team are totally wicked. Because of all the recent happening in the fields the 4 girls in the group have already given each other nicknames. I’m sure the rest of the group will later introduce themselves, but just for the time being …. Nicole Tan is Thorns since she walked through a whole bush of them the other day. Tumbles is Kirstie Hudson self explanatory, Abby is the Navigator, I’m Black Arrow, and Joe is Gump as in Forest Gump, Chris and Ben didn’t get any names yet so I will keep you posted. Lately the group has been encountering the wildlife in the area by this I mean moths, turtles in the field, and now spiders! Yup I said it BIG ASS SPIDERS! Ask Brando aka Brandon he just had one in his bathroom! I will keep you guys posted on every fall, joke, and hilarious/historically moment. Peace


Anonymous said...

I can almost hear brando's fear tinged shrieks from State College. First the snakes, now the spider. I guess the guy knows how to scare up wildlife. Have him show you the bat photo from last year...good times.

Any soccer or basketball with the town kids this year? Any crashed weddings or hikes around guzelyayla?

Any morning simit?


Müge said...

Hey Thad,

Others can inform you about the soccer and the basketball games, but I can tell you that we unfortunately neither crashed any weddings nor had any morning simit! This year I was in the field every day, which broke the connection of the church with the simit boy! I will post an entry soon about some other adventures, though.


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