Friday, June 29, 2007

Antakya, part I

Today we are on a field trip, and this marks the first time we have left our monastery for any significant period of time.
We headed down to the heart of Hatay province where we visited the sites of Alalakh and Tayinat. First we stopped by their dig houses as pictured below.

This is their lab.

This is a view of the Amuq plain from Tayinat. The mountains on the right are in Turkey, while those on the left are in Syria.

Alalakh from Tayinat.

Tayinat is just visible in the distance in this view across Alalakh.

This is an Iron Age structure found at Tayinat. Notice the outlines of unfired mud bricks especially apparent on the right side of the structure.

For those interested in the history of archaeology, this is Leonard Woolley's dig house at Alalakh.

We have more pictures from the city of Antakya itself. However, time runs short. I promise more pictures soon.


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